The Battle of the Titans

Lindsey Visser
Geplaatst op 25-05-2017

Even though it was bloody hot, the monthly IT Dev Café was extremely well-attended last Monday. As many as 65 Development Heroes were immersed in the amazing  world of React and Angular 2 while enjoying delicious hamburgers, pizzas and an ice-cold beer. Curious to know what was discussed? By all means, continue reading.

Gabriel Gottgrtroy Zigolis: Building large-scale Apps

Gabriel had the honour of kicking off with his presentation on Angular 2. Gabriel is a Greek Brazilian and works at Airfrance-KLM as Sr. Frontend Engineer. He is currently working on an exciting challenge: building a new booking platform based on Angular 2, TypeScript, GraphQL and NPM.

Gabriel’s presentation was about the development of large-scale apps with Angular 2 and related frameworks. Gabriel involved the audience in all the problems and discoveries he experienced while building the new booking platform for Airfrance-KLM. According to Gabriel, the best part of the new booking platform is the use of GraphQL (query language for APIs). Why? GraphQL has a great connection to Facebook, only provides data you really need and saves a lot of money. It was remarkable that only one person in the audience actually works with GraphQL… Do you work with GraphQL yet? We are eager to hear your opinion.   

Robin van der Vleuten: Reactive programming in React

After a well-deserved break, during which snacks and ice-cold beers were devoured, it was time for Robin’s presentation. Robin has 8 years of experience as a full stack developer, working as a freelancer for most of the week. He also founded his own company, The Webstronauts, last year. The Webstronauts is a start-up that creates amazing and very accessible apps. How fortunate that this eager beaver found some time in his schedule enlighten us with a presentation on React!  

Facebook developed React because, in their opinion, the available JavaScript frameworks don’t provide the correct structure, maintainability and performance. React is available to everyone and is used by various large companies, such as Dropbox and Wehkamp. What is it that makes React that good? According to Robin it’s the specific focus on interaction and user interface. Find out more about React? Click here to view the presentation. 

Find out more about React? Click here to view the presentation


Sorry you missed it?

No worries, there is always a next edition! At the next meet-up we will put our heads together about Java and testing. What you can definitely count on? Us having inspiring speakers, delicious burgers, pizzas and ice-cold beers ready for you once again. Want to stay informed? Please register here on our Meetup page. Do you have feedback on a Meetup or suggestions for future Meetups? Please feel free to let us know, we would love to hear from you at