Blog - Recap: meetup the future of Testing

Recap: meetup the future of Testing

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While it was freezing cold outside, inside ‘de Nieuwe Poort’ the heat was on, because of our newest edition of the IT DEV café. The subject this evening was ‘The future of Testing’. After some catching up drinks and delicious food it was time for the first presentation of Eddy Bruin. 

Testing happens in your head

Eddy tried to convince the audience that test automation does not exist. Of course, he had some great arguments, even when the audience asked him some tough questions. He explained that most people actually mean ‘checking’ when they are talking about testing. Moreover, Eddy believes that the greater part of the testing process happens inside your head and not on a desk or computer. His conclusion was that there is automation in testing but not the other way around. The slides of his presentation can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Test automation at Schiphol

After Eddy, it was time for Volkan Ogretmen to take the stage. His topic: Test Automation @ Schiphol. In his presentation Volkan shared the history of test automation at Schiphol. When he started working there, test automation was not used at all, and he explained how the process developed into the current situation. In the end he even gave a demo live of stage.

Up front, it was expected that Eddy and Volkan had completely opposite opinions about test automation, but during the evening it became clear that they actually agreed on many things. Most of all they inspired all the attendees to discuss their opinions and ideas amongst each other after the presentations.

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Yet again a very inspiring and successful meetup. We are looking forward to our next one. Block March 20 in your agenda because our next meetup “Mobile Architecture happily married to UX Design” will be legendary.