Meetup Microservices: ‘a cozy and instructive festivity’

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Tuesday we were in the Amsterdam Science Park to join in on the meetup about microservices. We gave the floor to coding architect Pieter Joost van de Sande and we did not regret it for a second.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft has already awarded him with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award.

Biggest dating site in Sweden

Pieter Joost van de Sande is an employee at the biggest dating site in Sweden: Happy Pancake. Full of passion, he knew how to generate enthusiasm within the group of visiting development heroes,  about the world of distributing systems. Not many developers have experience with this subject, because of the novelty of µServices. So this subject brought up a lot of questions from the audience. We noticed that some interesting conversations took place, which led to an interactive gathering. ‘It was informative, informal and cozy’, as told by a visitor.

Continuous conflicts and still success

Pieter Joost talked about replicating data, how to implement microservices successful , the techniques that are needed for this and he stated the continuous clash with microservices. According to him, there are always inconsistent conflicts. This results in multiple truths without a solution after many years of development. Pieter Joost concludes, that it is of big importance that microservices work completely independent from each other. In addition, the coding architect revealed the secret behind the success of the dating site: ‘The online list to the right of the site is the biggest drive for visitors to come to Happy Pancake. This list ensures that we have an average visiting time of eight seconds ’, hence the speaker. A handful of the terms that came by: GET, S3, http endpoint, denormalizers, databases, A/B testing, down services, combined views, infrastructure and service degradation. There were also important statements like ‘Polyglot developers are a myth’.

Trouble-shooters among themselves

Pieter Joost speaking: ‘This was an inspiring, informative and entertaining evening. It felt as if we had a moment among developers only – and this was the case. The fact that there was beer, is something that does not occur nine out of ten times. I felt an informal atmosphere. The public included developers with lots of practical experience, they were the real ‘trouble-shooters’ of companies. You can immediately notice this from the questions asked. This made it highly interactive. At moments when I tried to make a point that was not clear for everyone, then it got asked and I explained myself with further clarification. An interesting discussion arose instead of a monologue where I merely serve as a sender.

Educational festivity about microservices

‘On a scale of 1 – 10, I rate this meetup with a genuine 10: there was beer, pizza, they did not sweat about the time and the audience asked  very interesting questions. The location is easily accessible by car: the parking is free and right in front of the door. It felt more like a party where you learn something! ’, evaluated Pieter Joost.

Meetup Design thinking in tech

We would like to invite you to our next meetup on Tuesday the 21st of June. We give the floor to Bob van Luijt. This evening will be focussed on #designInTech. We are going to provide more detailed information regarding  what this means for software developers and architects. Same time, the same place, but fresh pizza! To participate, all you need is a listening ear and a good debate question. Easy as that! Here you can sign-up for the upcoming event at the IT Dev Café.