Meetup Design Thinking in Tech: 'the pieces fell together'

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Last Tuesday we were at the Amsterdam Science park for a meetup about the trending topic: Design thinking in Tech. We gave the floor to Bob van Luijt, this turned out to be a success! He explained how software has become a commodity. An eye-opener? For the audience, the pieces fell together and the penny has dropped.

The speaker is inspired by executive, designer, and technologist: John Maeda. A bit envious of his imposing resume? Maybe… but Bob’s CV is not so bad itself. About 8 years ago he started his own company, namely Kubrickology. This is a company focussed on writing software, but in the meantime, they have already made the transition to a fully fletched design agency. Bob speaks of himself as a creative technologist and designer.

A convergence of tech and design

Since the age of 9, Bob developed his passion for technology. ‘My dad had an IBM XT which had a software program on it.’ This program asked me: ‘What is your name?’, I replied with: ‘Bob’. The audio recorder reacted to this with: ‘Hi Bob’, I found this amazing! Eventually, I started studying Arts. It was until after my study that my passion for arts and technology grew and I started combining these two subjects in creating software and design’, says the speaker. The software is a phenomenon of the contemporary world, so in retrospect, it was a good decision. Software became a commodity, according to Bob. ‘At the moment that technology and software appear anywhere, software has become mainstream. Nowadays business equals technology. The time of just starting up a business and in the process concluding that it would be convenient to use a certain software has passed. At present, the business is the technology. There is no distinction between these two.  Everything you design contains software. Business, software and design are completely fused together.’

Speaking through software

‘I began to wonder why I was doing what I did: why was I developing software?’ This question got stuck in my mind. I basically ended up with the idea that I just liked creating something that people will be using. A software developer needs to be aware that you communicate with people through software. Furthermore, developers need to realise that they create something for people. That interests me enormously.

Mapping out the changes

 ‘I have noticed the changes we are going through for a long time, but the difficult part is mapping out the changes. Bob’s presentation made the pieces fall into place’, is told by a visitor of the IT Dev Café. Bob adds to this: ‘You notice that people feel that there is a transition taking place. There is, however, no real insight into this event’. My experience is that people find it pleasant when I inform them on this subject.’

‘I found it amusing to speak to this group. I am on the road a lot to share this story about the shaping of technology. What gives me fulfilment is the moment when the penny drops for my audience. The spirit in the group was good, there were a lot of nice people and there was also enough tasty pizza. I definitely give this meetup a ten. Keep up the good work and do not change a thing!’, concludes Bob.

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New location

Same time, different place and fresh pizza! We are actively engaged in arranging an awesome location for the IT DEV Café. Soon more to come, but we can assure you that the location will still be based in Amsterdam and that it will (at the very least) be as enjoyable as the previous meetup.  Sign-up now for our next upcoming meetup at the IT Dev Café. Click here to sign-up!


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