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With their Dutch background, Bernd van Baars (35) and Daniël Visser (35) adopt a sober approach to recruitment. With the brand: Altus Staffing, their goal is to make a change in the world of recruitment by using a different approach. This results in a positive swing to the industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The duo aims to work knowledge-driven and prioritizes quality with an excessive IT niche focus. It is all about consultative selling: brainstorming at high-level with the client and candidate, building long-term relationships with companies and consulting instead of just being focused on sales. This part makes us distinctive in the world of recruitment.

The entrepreneurs explain why they apply this method and why their company is not just another recruitment organisation.

Unique selling points

It is no coincidence that consultative selling plays an essential role in the brands of Altus Staffing: knowledge is key.

Vertical brands

‘We have segmented IT into five worlds. This gives us the possibility to match every candidate to their own comfortable world: For IT executive search we have founded Perca Search, Tergos takes care of ICT Infrastructure, in the world of ERP and CRM Eswelt is our niche-brand, Spilberg is aimed at IT development and Visser & Van Baars is purely focussed on Business Intelligence and Big Data recruitment’, hence Bernd. These are all IT-related worlds. ‘But we divided them into separate niche markets. We do not believe in approaching everyone the same way. This is why our brands match to the DNA of various IT developers. Furthermore, there are various conferences which include meet-ups and workshops these meet the needs of the target group.’ Every brand has their own authenticity and consultants who operate in a specific niche and area. Secondly, they are focussed on recruitment or interim mediation. All of these brands are part of our umbrella organisation Altus Staffing. Altus Staffing offers a total solution in IT expertise for companies.

Consultant level

We solely employ consultants at university or bachelor-level with relevant experience. Furthermore, we expect them to keep on developing themselves in their discipline and stay up-to-date to the latest trends. The accurate selection and recruitment of consultants results in a low rate of staff turnover. At Altus Staffing we put value into the best interest and personal fulfilment of the employees. Various training programs are offered to feed our consultants with relevant information so they primarily serve as sparring partners for clients and candidates.


There are exams at the end of every seven-month traineeship, these are aimed at every specific IT-niche market. All of the consultants have to pass these exams before they enter their market. ‘In this way, we maintain knowledge and top quality’, Daniël explains.

Ongoing market research

The goal is to transform the recruitment consultants of Altus Staffing into an ongoing market research in practice. Daniël explains: ‘Gartner is a beautiful company that maps various IT-developments. To be honest, we are aiming at knowing more per sub-niche than Gartner does. Every consultant has to be lord and master and should know every development within the scope of their niche. The consultant is able to supply the client and candidate in their region with their knowledge and this is where the consultant adds value.’

Recruitment 2.0

Bernd and Daniël introduce recruitment 2.0. This is a more extensive way of staffing where the consultants fulfil an advising role. Daniël says: ‘I think that we are required to have knowledge about the niches because we work with niches. That is the reason for adopting recruitment 2.0 into our company. We noticed that clients and candidates have the need to this.'

Bernd adds: ‘The goal of this is to give a qualitative and consultative functioning through extensive specialisation with more knowledge-driven recruitment.’ The consultants at Altus Staffing serve as sparring partners for clients and candidates through substantive knowledge, a lot of face-to-face meetings and a result-driven approach. ‘By utilising a gap analysis, we get to know whether a company misses a certain expertise because we know about the developments that are happening in the market.’ The consultant points to a certain need, and he immediately offers a solution in the shape of matching expertise. The consultant knows who is ready for the next step to a new possibility because his network is in good order. In this case, the consultant serves a valuable role. I do not believe that this part, the consultative role, will disappear. Many people state that there will come a moment that the interpersonal part of recruitment will become obsolete because it will be covered by an online platform. Part of this is true, but you are covering this as a substantive sparring partner who knows about every market trend’, concludes Bernd.

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