360° Meetup video: Object Mapping & Functional Programming

Object Mapping

Choosing the optimal database that suits your domain model can be a tough task. "Finding the proper tools to connect your database once a decision is made can be even tougher. And what to do when your decision turns out to be wrong? Taking your first steps in polyglot persistence, you may very well find yourself in nights full of profiling and stepping through third-party code. In this talk, Jan-Willem Meyling shared his experiences and challenges with polyglot persistence and present some common pitfalls."

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Functional Programming and abstract algebra in Big Data

Data is growing every day. "With the rise of smartphones and IOT, servers store tonnes of data. Businesses need insights in data. As engineers, we need to find efficient ways to process data fast. In this talk, Egemen Kalyoncu talked about why functional programming matters in Big Data, explain some abstract algebra concepts and how to use them in Apache Spark with Scala."

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