How will we move from the core to the cloud?

Azure, Azure Stack, Azure DevOps ...

We’re living in an exciting time where new technologies reach the masses faster than ever. Consumers expect products that we can barely design the minute new technology is introduced. Cloud development and IoT plays a big role in the changing market. Today we want to look at these changes with two new developments from Microsoft: Microsoft Azure and .NET Core.

Microsoft Azure and cloud solutions 

One of the first challenges when building an IoT solution is the connectivity between the cloud and the device. In some cases, devices are able to communicate to the cloud by themselves and sometimes devices will communicate via a field gateway. This is where the IoT Hub comes in. In the IoT hub, each connected device has its own d2c and c2d unique endpoint.  Data from the various devices can be send to hot and cold paths, but also to device business logic. Some data in the messages will be device status, but also telemetry data can be used to analyse the status of a device.

During our meetup Chris den Arend elaborated on the IoT Hub and how you could use it to build cloud solutions. After the presentation, we now have a much better understanding of what Microsoft Azure can help us with. Some of the participants of the night were anxious to get to work. One of them said that “he couldn’t wait to discuss this with his boss.” You can find the slides of his presentation here. Curious about his entire story? With the 360 video above you can pretend to be one of the night’s participants.

The poss

For Microsoft to survive in these times they had to stop being so protective of their propriety, embrace other platforms and adept their business model to the rapid changes of the industry. The simplest way to reach different platforms is via the browser. But their web framework ASP.NET is more than a decade old and it showed. They were never going to be able to make it cross platform with the dependency on System.Web. They started from scratch and introduced a lean, more modular and open sourced web framework which they called ASP.NET Core. The early developments on ASP.NET Core eventually made .NET Core possible, a cross platform development framework for any application you want to build.

During the meetup Danny van der Kraan discussed the fundaments to give anyone a flying start if they wish to pick up ASP.NET Core. He showed how global.asax and web.config were removed and how you’d configure your web app via project.json and the Startup class. System.Web is gone and with the built in NuGet support the fine honed dependencies are referenced. Besides that there was an in-depth discussion on Dependency Injection as a first-class citizen, Middleware to flesh out the HTTP request pipeline and the Option<T> model to inject your configuration anywhere you need them. And last but not least we glimpsed at two new hot additions to the new MVC, TagHelpers and ViewComponents. You can find the slides of this presentation here. Curious about Danny’s entire story? With the 360 video above you can pretend to be one of the night’s participants.

Sorry you missed it?

No Worries! There is always a next It Dev Café. This was the last one of this year, but next year we’ll return with even bigger and better meetups.

We will announce the topic for the next IT Dev Café soon. The only thing for sure now? We will have inspiring experts, free pizza and ice cold beers. Sign up to our meetup group here to be kept in the loop! If you have any suggestions for future topics or remarks on the night, please let us know! We would love to hear from you at marketing@spilberg.nl.