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Recap: Continuous Delivery with VSTS - Building a pipeline from scratch

On the 25th of April we hosted another IT Dev Café, this time we had a demo by Jeffry Opdam. During the meetup he took the audience through a tour of Visual Studio Team Services by setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline.He showed us:

  • How to use backlog management

  • How to use git with Team Services

  • How to create a build definition with unit tests, Secure Code scanning (Checkmarx) and how to get metrics for your technical dept (SonarQube).

  • How to create a release definition with UI tests and the four eye principals four deploying into production (with approvals).

When we asked Jeffrey what he hopes people learned from this night he replied: By showing the whole picture from scratch, I hope the audience learned that they can use Team Services to support their Continuous Delivery journey.