Recap: Continuous Delivery with VSTS - Building a pipeline from scratch

On the 25th of April we hosted another IT Dev Café, this time we had a demo by Jeffry Opdam. During the meetup he took the audience through a tour of Visual Studio Team Services by setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

He showed us:

  • How to use backlog management
  • How to use git with Team Services
  • How to create a build definition with unit tests, Secure Code scanning (Checkmarx) and how to get metrics for your technical dept (SonarQube).
  • How to create a release definition with UI tests and the four eye principals four deploying into production (with approvals).

When we asked Jeffrey what he hopes people learned from this night he replied: By showing the whole picture from scratch, I hope the audience learned that they can use Team Services to support their Continuous Delivery journey.

If you went to this meetup, please let us know what you think down below!