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On the 18th of July, it was once again time for our monthly Meetup. We lucked out on the weather, so dozens of Development Heroes made their way to B. Amsterdam in a magnificent mood for a brand-new Meetup with the theme: Java, Security & Property-Based Testing. We let Nanne Baars and Kenny Baas take us on a 90-minute long verbal journey through all Java & Testing developments. Curious as to what was discussed? Keep reading!

Nanne Baars – Automated test cases for security testing

The honor of kicking off the evening went to Nanne Baars. Nanne is a security expert at Xebia, with a lot of Java experience, including Android and Spring. He loves posing security topics to developers, from which he gains a lot of positive energy. This is also the reason why he became one of the project leaders of the OWASP WebGoat project.

Nanne started his presentation with the statement: “Security is an afterthought and it’s not part of the development process.” Media reports on security leaks grow ever more frequent, no matter the size of the company. Development teams are requested to develop ‘safe’ software at an increasing rate. On the other hand, during the software development process, more and more emphasis is being put on continuous integration (CI). Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could integrate a number of security tools into the assembly line? During this presentation, Nanne outlined several tools that are easy to integrate into an existing production line, so that vulnerability checking becomes a standard part of the manufacturing process. Curious as to what those tools are? Where to start? What the results are? Click here for his presentation.

Kenny Baas - Improving design and code quality with property-based testing

After the break - where security testing was heavily discussed over ice cold beers and sodas - Kenny Baas resumed the Meetup with a presentation on property-based testing. Kenny is a Software & Test Automation Engineer at Xenia, and blogs about the ins and outs of property-based testing on his blog, baasie.com.

In his extremely technical but highly interesting presentation, Kenny offered the audience a glimpse into the world of property-based testing. What is property-based testing really? Why is it so important? How does one implement it in Java with JUnit-QuickCheck? Kenny answered all questions!

Here are a few of Kenny’s responses:

  • Try and fail in the safest and most controlled way possible;

  • Use the scientific BDD & TDD method;

  • Forget the data, it’s all about behavior!

Want to hear the rest of the answers? Click here for his presentation.


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