An introduction to GraphQL

An introduction to GraphQL: An IT Dev café Meetup


On the 17th of September, we hosted a GraphQL meetup with two speakers who shared some interesting topics about GraphQL and Weaviate. The number of visitors to our GrapQL meetup was evidence that this was a sought-after topic. Of course we welcomed our Dev heroes with some good drinks and our famed burgers with fries. Have you missed this meetup? Luckily we have some insights about our two speakers and their topics.


Gaurav Sehrawat – Full Stack Developer

Gaurav Sehrawat was the first speaker who shared his experience about GraphQL. Gaurav is a Full Stack Developer with primary focus on ‘‘all things JavaScript’’. But he dabbles in Python for AI/ML work from time to time. In his presentation he explained that GraphQL is a query language designed to build client applications. It is fundamentally different technology which radically changed the way we consume API, putting REST to rest. One single endpoint with queries and mutation is the simplest way to do API development. Furthermore Gaurav also discussed the design principles of GraphQL. The design principles basically are:

  • Hierarchical;
  • Product-centric;
  • Strong-typing;
  • Client-specified queries
  • Introspective

Gaurav definitely had a sense of humor as he made a few jokes during his presentation. Would you like to know more about this session? Luckily Gaurav shared his presentation here.


Bob van Luijt – Creative technologist and designer

Bob van Luijt was the second speaker who shared his experience with Weaviate. Bob is a creative technologist and designer who works at the intersection of technology, design and art. Bob took us on a trip into the world of knowledge graphs: an entirely new approach to Data Management. What makes these graphs stand out from other data solutions is that they focus on the meaning and context of data by extracting the purpose of the language. Furthermore, Bob also discussed the Weaviate software, the cloud deployment and the ease to use the GraphQL interface to access data.

Bob surely captivated the attention of the audience by asking triggering questions during his presentation. It was an interesting evening with lots of room for thought and discussion. Did you miss it? Luckily, we regulary host (online) Meetups on all things IT Dev. Become a part of our Meetup community and never miss one again!