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Spilberg has a new lease on life

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A new version of Spilberg, but why? We were not discontented, but there is always room for improvement, right? The new Spilberg wants more interaction with you in the lead as a development hero. Our website was built to appeal to you. For that reason, we have built a brand-new platform by using the newest techniques, including the GreenSock framework. Well, yes, we… with the help of two genius developers. Our own UX designer Bianca came up with the design and they got down to work. A huge challenge!

An update for you concerning the changes, why did it change and what to expect from the renewed Spilberg. Be prepared for lots of awesome updates: that is a promise!

Designed by and for developers

We strive to bring you more dynamics and technique with the rebranded Spilberg. Our platform has to appeal to you as a developer, with you at the centre. Where Spilberg used to be a simple one-dimensional website (you got us there!) we now turned it into a dazzling multi-dimensional platform. We want to match better with the IT development culture in order to relate to you. The website has to be appealing to both front- as backend developers, at the same time it has to relate less to other IT specialists. This is a website developed by and for developers. And, on top of that, the new Spilberg website is not just our business card. We have thought of branding Spilberg in a way where we are adding the possibility to have more engagement with you as a developer. You are interested in technical implications, so the website is the first flag we pointed out, but we think further. It does not just end with the launch of a new website, there will be way more great things to come. What we want to show is that we have the expertise, that we truly understand you and that we know how to communicate with you as a development hero. Every kind of feedback will be embraced with open arms!

More than just recruitment

It has probably already caught your eye: the word ‘recruitment’ has been removed from our logo. This is an example of us, going for more. We want to build long-term relationships with you. As a sidekick, we are willing to give it our all to accompany you as a development hero. See us as Robin of Batman: you also make it without us, but we are making the road way more comfortable giving you just that extra step. Our examined sidekicks will get their personal page. This results in more transparency and makes it possible to select your own partner who you would like to brainstorm with about career opportunities.

Technical topics, blogs and events

Under the motto of ‘sharing is caring’, we would like to provide you with interesting blogs, facts, vacancies and other news concerning the development world. We introduce to you, a blog to keep you updated with the everything that could be interesting to you. We have also got a live chat and we organise regular events to keep the communication with you low-key. Feel free to join in with our monthly meet-ups in our cosy IT Dev Café with pizza and technical topics where the word will be led by inspiring speakers. We value sharing knowledge with the goal to inspire and to improve our own knowledge and service. Last but definitely not least: we mediate in IT development functions. With our relevant knowledge of the market, we will help you by going on a journey to find a challenge that suits your needs. The specialised IT recruitment service that we guarantee!

A characteristic logo

Our logo is not something that came down from high. Our UX designer expands upon this matter: ‘’The base shape of the logo came from the </>. We do not think that the applicable HTML tags need any further explanation. The diagonal stroke represents the connection. Spilberg connects the development hero with a suitable company in which he can pursue a full role as an IT developer. The data flow in the middle of the logo visually creates two hills with a reflection. Front-end is the upper side and back-end the lower side. The colours used in the logo must be distinguishable. They come out of a text-editor in which development heroes write their code".

It's a tall order

We have raised the demands for Bianca: design a website that makes developers wonder: how did they do it? “Placing something diagonally was since recently a difficult task. I have noticed a new movement in diagonal design, by following the latest trends. I started working on a design and made a grid on which the logo is based. This technique is new and there is not much documentation about it. Furthermore, this technique is not applied by many developers yet. I am happy to tell you that it worked out, this gives me satisfaction and I hope that the development heroes notice this.”

Make yourself heard

The most prominent change we made is that we do not just send vacancies. We share knowledge, but we also place great value on improving our platform, therefore we ask for your feedback. UX designer Bianca explains: "Let’s be fair, I am a perfectionist and there are lots of improvements to come in order to optimize the website. If you happen to have any interesting ideas concerning the website, then please let us know!’’ Have you already noticed any points of improvement? Be our hero and contact us.