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IT-freelancer: salary, freedom, network. Work for a wide range of campanies

To freelance or not to freelance

​IT Development is a broad market. As an IT Dev professional, you may be doubting whether you need to freelance. Consultant Alexander Adema works with IT Development freelancers on a daily basis. According to him, there are several advantages and disadvantages of freelancing as an IT Development professional.

According to Adema, developers should start by asking whether they are really ready to freelance. “Many developers think they are ready to freelance early on. However, they do not yet have the work experience to actually bring something to a client and therefore expect to learn “on the job”, while they actually have to support others. ”

Salary, freedom, network

The benefits of freelancing as an IT Developer include salary, freedom and the wide range of companies where you can gain more experience. "By working for different parties as a freelance developer you also come into contact with many other developers, people, cultures and situations, which makes you even better with every subsequent project."

At Spilberg, we work daily with freelance developers, or developers in permanent employment. While clients with permanent contracts have more time for a 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd meeting with a client, for freelancers it generally remains at one meeting “To be able to propose a candidate, my team therefore only focuses on interim candidates. This way we can properly assess a freelancer on his knowledge, quality and work experiences. ”

Short projects

Freelancers are mainly hired to tackle short-term projects. “Freelancers are only hired for very specific reasons. For example, because there is a shortage of knowledge or specialism in a certain area, a developer has dropped out or because a client has to complete a project. Due to the wide range of interim developers, it is also difficult for the client to find the "right" candidate without losing too much time. "

Adema sees a shift in the market with regard to the hiring policy of freelancers. “Due to the DBA law, we see that companies nowadays want to work less with freelancers. The reason for this is that these companies are afraid that they will encounter problems as a result. We do see that good and senior developers have at some point gained sufficient experience to actually be able to freelance. ”

The consultant briefly explains his activities: “We have been expanding our network for years and support almost all companies in the Netherlands. From larger multinationals to SMEs. We can ensure that an available freelance developer gets a chance among all the available offerings at the moment. ”

We always aim for the best possible match between candidate and client. Take a quick look at our open vacancies.