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Engineering Manager

Job description

Are you an experienced Engineering Manager looking for an exciting freelance opportunity?


  • Solid technical background
  • Have a good balance of breadth and depth in technical knowledge. You are experienced with SDLC, TDD, test automation, continuous delivery, DevOps, code versioning, having a shift-left security mindset and link with industry standard toolsets.
  • Have experience creating software at global scale, preferably in cloud-based microservices architectures.
  • Have knowledge of design and architecture concepts (i.e. microservices, API-first, event-driven architectures, design patterns, observability and monitoring capabilities) and the ability to apply them within the software development lifecycle.
  • Must be willing to work from the office at least 2 days a week in North Holland.


People skills

  • Have a real passion for managing engineers and building high performing, happy, focused and empathetic teams.
  • Have experience nurturing and growing engineerslove to inspire your engineering teams and others to build the highest standard of software that builds confidence with our customers, operations and stakeholders due to its excellence in agility and resilience.
  • Like to create a one team atmosphere between all co-workers in engineering, product, data science, business development, operations etc.
  • Are inclusive, humble and passionate about creating a learning organization.

Delivery Goals
  • Early and continuous delivery of value to our customer with a software being robust, scalable, secure and reliable.
  • Has experience in startups or companies with a clear Agile and Lean culture
  • Is comfortable with uncertainty and with a greenfield context where everything is still to be done.

Please feel free to reach out if you are interested!