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Mechatronics engineer

Job description

Innovation is the number one priority at this corporate social responsibility company. By thinking outside the box, they developed a product with the mission to make this world a better place.

As a Mechatronics Engineer within this organization, the opportunities are limitless, as growth and development are central. You will be surrounded by skilled specialists and work together on a high-tech product.

What is required of a Mechatronics Engineer?

  • Bachelor's or master's degree in mechatronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or computer science;
  • Ability to manage the codebase of a software project, both when working alone as well as a small team;
  • Experience in creating hardware-in-the-loop software, machine controllers and similar;
  • Strong skills in electronics prototyping, particularly in their software (Arduino, Raspberry Pi);
  • Experience with PLC programming;
  • Ability to interact efficiently with suppliers and development partners;
  • (Near-) fluent in English, both spoken and written.

What you'll be doing

  • Create and maintain a software system. This includes sensors, GUI, and controllers;
  • Create and maintain systems for quality control and diagnostics of newly built membrane stacks and lab setups;
  • Collaborating with the engineering team to make prototypes and tests of designs;
  • Collaborating with the R&D team to design and make experimental setups;
  • Selection and integration of electronics and auxiliary equipment (sensors, pumps, valves);
  • Manage the company's codebase, enabling collaboration in software.

If this sounds interesting to you please feel free to call or email me. - +31 (0) 6 83 85 57 29