De spirit of a Spilberg sidekick

Our sidekicks have their own superpowers to take your career to the next level:


A good basis

Spilberg attaches great value to a good basis. That is why our consultants graduated at bachelor or university level. Besides they have at least one year relevant professional experience. Our sidekicks set great store by long-term relationships, they are understanding and able to empathize with you, because they have completed a mandatory traineeship.


Training and tools

Spilberg offers specific training courses and tools to supply its consultants with the latest trends and knowledge of the market. In this way the consultants are being transformed into your Spilberg sidekick.


Taking professional examinations

Before a Spilberg consultant enters the market and becomes your sidekick, he must pass an exam about IT development. Along these lines we are able to ensure the level of knowledge and quality we stand for.


Specialised in niches within IT development

Every sidekick has its own region and focusses on freelance or permanent jobs. Within their region they are specialised in just one IT development market: Java, .NET, embedded software, frontend or mobile.


Knowledge of the market is key

Our sidekicks are constantly updating their knowledge of their field and they are therefore always aware of the latest developments in the market.


Are you prepared to take up the challenge?

Please contact one of our sidekicks and save your new employer from an IT disaster.

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