Flutter vs native app development event

Flutter VS Native app development

De Nieuwe Poort (Claude Debussylaan 2-8, Amsterdam)

On Tuesday March 19th it’s all about Flutter and Native App Development.

In the wonderful world of mobile development there always have been two parties in play. The ones that are a firm believer of native mobile development and the ones that are big advocates for cross platform development. With the introduction of Flutter from Google will they finally find more common ground?

18:30 Doors open + free burgers
19:00 Denis Volyntsev - Android developer at ABN
19:30 Break
19:45 Ivan Misuno - Senior Software Developer (iOS/macOS)
20:30 End + drinks


talk 1. How Flutter learned mistakes of others and copied the advantages of some.
What “Native Only” camp developer can appreciate in flutter framework and architecture.

About Denis Volyntsev
Denis Volyntsev is an Android developer at ABN Amro and has worked previously at ING. He has also worked at several startups and knows what it means to deliver complex product with limited resources. Denis is all about Flutter and you can say he is very Flutter enthusiast.

talk 2. Yet Another Flutter VS Native App Development Talk
With Flutter being hot and having reached 1.0, is there a place still for the native app development? There are many variables at play, and the answer could vary. Your task as a tech lead then becomes choosing the technology stack suitable for the task. We'll talk about what kinds of tasks are better suited for Flutter, and what - for native app development, and what consequences that implies. We would also like to talk about a few high-level engineering practices (and give a few real examples of their application) that could help you write better code for your organization to be more effective, regardless of the set of technologies you are using.

About Ivan Misuno
Ivan has been writing code for over 20 years and is a C++, full-stack web and since 2008 an iOS/macOS developer. He has led a team of 10 developers and released more than 100 iOS apps and games in 5 years as a startup company. Ivan also has worked at Uber and saw how huge engineering organization could remain agile and extremely effective with a distinct set of best practices. He is still on the ''native side of the force'', but he's very open to adopting new technologies that solve a specific task better.