LIVE: Home Automation In A Staying-At-Home Economy


IT Dev Café is proud to announce its first Live Tech Talks! We find it important to keep sharing experiences and learn from each other, especially in times like these. To make sure that we can still connect and keep each other educated we are now shifting our offline Meetups to online talks! Now you will be able to join us, live, from your home office...

One of the things we intend to do when staying at home is making small adjustments and improvements to our house. As a tech-savvy, it goes without saying that some of you are thinking about home automation. But where do you start? Most of the examples you find online require a deep knowledge of electronics and Python or Embedded C.

In this first edition of the Live Tech Talks, Dennis Vroegop (Azure Cloud Solution Architect & Chairman .NET User Group), will show you how to get started with microcontrollers and writing software. No, we won’t automate your house today, but we will put you on a path that enables you to have the option to make your home a lot smarter by expanding your knowledge about IOT. Dennis will end his talk by answering all the questions you may have during the live Q&A.

When: Tuesday 26th of May
Time: 17:00 – 18:00 CET
Where: Livestream on Zoom and/or YouTube Live
Registration is mandatory via the below form.

Hope to see you then!