Mobile Architecture happily married to UX Design


On March 20, it’s time for a new edition of the IT Dev Café!

Currently it is way more common that designers and developers work closely together and side by side, when working on the same projects. We all think that this is positive for the end result. But why is it so important for developers to have a good understanding of user interaction and design? Jan Trützschler and Andreas van der Griendt will tell you all about it.


18.30 Welcome + hamburgers 
19.00 Jan Trützschler
20.00 Short break
20.15 Andreas van der Griendt
21.15 Drinks

Jan Trützschler

Bringing different disciplines together to work on a project or product isn’t exactly an invention of recent years. A hundred years ago the Bauhaus movement tried to establish an interdisciplinary way of working. The more user focused approach of software development - especially in the mobile world - this idea has been picked up again on a much larger scale: various disciplines, such as designers and developers, working together in teams. What does that mean for developers? Why is it important for developers to have a good understanding of user interaction and design? How can we establish a common language between designers and developers? Let’s see if there is something from Bauhaus’ past that can help us answer this questions and discuss productive ideas forward.

Jan is senior iOS developer at IceMobile where he has been involved in building most of their apps from Appie to Mobile Bankieren. He has a background in computer music and the creation of new musical instruments which taught him early on to approach software development from both a technical side as well as from a user perspective. His own music apps have been published by MoMinstruments and TeaTracks.

Andreas van der Griendt

"Traditionally, designers worked for weeks behind a drawing board, after which they would throw their designs over the fence to the developers side. This on the one hand meant that everything had to be documented precisely and in great detail and on the other hand that a lot of context was lost during the process.

Nowadays more often, designers and developers sit side by side in the same room, what does such a collaboration look like and what are the opportunities and challenges that arise from this? I am a great supporter of working in feature teams, in which backend, frontend and design work together closely to realize features that matter."

Andreas is a designer who is excited about making good products that delight the user. In the past 6 years he’s designed and help ship products for: IKEA · NPO · Parkmobile · Vlisco · GreenWheels · CZDirect and many more.