Progressive Web Apps meets AI

CIRCL (Gustav Mahlerplein 1B · Amsterdam)

What we do

On Wednesday March 11th, the Spilberg IT Development cafe is proud to announce it's next meet-up: PWA (Progressive Web App) meets AI (in Flutter).

New location

From 2020 onwards, we are hosting our meetups at CIRCL! It is situated around the corner of the previous location. This location is serious about the environment, and so are we. We believe this location is more in line with our own vision, goals and ambitions. CIRCL is freely accessible to all – because everyone can make the difference. Connectivity is the key; it’s where everything of value begins. CIRCL is broad-thinking, inclusive and forward-looking.

New concept

We have shaken up the agenda a little bit; the talks will be consecutive, and therefore we will reserve more time for networking.

As you might have noticed, we are no longer serving food at the beginning of the event. Experience shows that predicting the count of attendees is difficult. This has resulted in a lot of food waste, and we hate waste. From now onwards, we will serve nourishing and wholesome food, drinks and bites, after having done an attendee count. 

Would you like something to eat prior to the event? Enjoy dinner at CIRCL for a discounted price (normally 19€ for dinner, now for €15 incl. consumption). Please reserve a spot via 020 – 6282080 and mention MEETUP OFFER / VIBE OFFER.


18:30 Walk in

19:00 Speaker 1: Leonardo Almeida

19:45 Speaker 2: Bjorn Wikkeling

20:30 Networking, Drinks and Bites

Introduction to the topics

In the ever changing world of IT, every year is different. Companies have different strategies, needs and thoughts about quality. Currently, the most important trait to have as a developer is to evolve and grow into the best you can be. Nowadays PWA and AI are trending topics we would like to introduce to you through our speakers Leonardo and Bjørn.

About the speakers

1. Leonardo Almeida:

Progressive PWAs: from business to deploy

In this talk, we will cover the paths that technology took that made PWA necessary, why PWAs are good for business and a quick guide from the installation to deployment.

2. Bjørn Wikkeling:

Bjørn has been the JavaScript specialist within Sanoma for more than two years. Here, he has set up an Angular component library. For our Spilberg meetup, he will host a live-coding session, where he will give an impression of what is possible with AI in a mobile/web framework.



The CIRCL pavilion is built entirely based on circular principles using recycled and re-usable materials. CIRCL wants to persuade society to move towards a sustainable world by demonstrating the changes needed to create the circular economy, both in theory and in practice. In other words, thinking big by starting small.

More on CIRCL here: https://circl.nl/themakingof/en/


We are located next to Station Amsterdam South at the CIRCL building, in front of the ABN AMRO office, which is easy to reach by public transport. If you come by car there are cheaper parking options close to the meetup location. In the streets after “De Boelenlaan” (5/10 minute walk) you can park for €1,40 per hour between 08:00 – 19:00. After 19:00 it’s for free. Otherwise use one of the many Q-Park options.

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