The Java World of Search and Stream


Learn about the Java World of Search and Stream at our next edition of the IT Dev Café.
Search is becoming mainstream. Jettro Coenradie and Byron Voorbach will learn you everything about a new trick called “learning to rank”. Next to this, Baris Dere will give a practical introduction into Akka Streams. He will use examples from the first presentation.


18:30 Doors open + hamburgers
19:00 Jettro Coenradi + Byron Voorbach
20:00 Short Break
20:15 Baris Dere
21:15 End + drinks

Learn to combine Machine Learning with Search

With advanced tools available for search like Solr and Elasticsearch, companies are embedding search in almost all their products and websites. Search is becoming mainstream. Therefore we can focus on teaching the search engine tricks to gain more relevant results. During this meetup you’ll learn everything about a new trick called “learning to rank”. Learning to rank uses a trained model to come up with a better ranking of the search results.

During the presentation you’ll learn what Learning To Rank is. To be able to understand the machine learning part, you get information about machine learning models, feature extraction and the training of models. Of course you will also learn when to apply learning to rank. Furthermore you’ll get a practical example to show how it works, using elasticsearch and a learning to rank plugin. After the presentation you know how and why to combine Machine Learning and Search.

Jettro Coenradie

Jettro is a Fellow at Luminis in Amsterdam, specialized in Search. He has a strong background in the Java eco system. He also has experience in the front-end with React and Angular. These days Jettro is mainly involved in the elastic stack and he is learning about and experimenting with Machine Learning. Furthermore he is interested in combining Machine Learning with Search to solve one of the hardest search problems, named ranking. Jettro believes in the vision of Luminis: Knowledge is the only thing that increases by sharing. Therefore he writes blogs, gives trainings and presents at a number of meetups and conferences.

Byron Voorbach

Byron Voorbach is a Search & Data engineer at Luminis in Amsterdam. He has broad experience in security, backend development and Spring technologies. For the last 5 years, Byron has mostly been working with the Elastic Stack, taking a great interest in building and optimizing search engines. He loves to go to music festivals and travel in his spare time.

Practical Introduction to Akka Streams

Stream processing is a hot topic today. In this session, I will talk about Akka Streams, one of the Reactive Streams implementations.

If you are completely new to Akka Streams, this is your chance to get started with it. There is no Scala experience required. The focus will be how different aspects of stream processing works in Akka Streams. I will start from scratch and explain step by step all the basics of Akka Streams by using real live code examples.

During the session I will touch topics like reactive streams, back pressure, graphs, exception handling and if time left then also something about integrating Akka Actors with Akka Streams.

Baris Dere

Baris Dere is a Senior Java/Scala Engineer at De persgroep Publishing with over 15 years of experience in building complex and high-performance real time systems. He specializes in streaming- and microservices architecture, web technologies, continuous integration/delivery and agile methodologies. Learning about and working with Java and Scala has always been a passion for him and he hopes to share his passion with you.