HoloBasics - Develop your Mixed Reality App


It's time for the next IT Dev Café, HoloBasics!

This session takes you along a journey implementing a Mixed Reality app for HoloLens by using features like gaze, gestures, speech recognition, spatial sound, spatial mapping and occlusion. All features are explained, build with Visual Studio and Unity and demonstrated with live demos. You will learn the fundamental basics and building blocks for Mixed Reality apps.


18:30 Doors open + Hamburgers 
19:00 Alexander Meijers
19:45 Short break
20:00 Alexander Meijers
20:45 Drinks

About Alexander Meijers

Creative, multidisciplinary tech guy with an expertise in architecture and development. I have worked for numerous customers with different skill sets and roles. My knowledge is mainly focused on Microsoft technology as SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. currently I'm deeply involved in working with and development for HoloLens. I believe and excel when working with apps and create new conceptual thinking in architecture, design and developing apps for businesses. My wish is to combine technologies and deliver the best improvements for business processes by designing services and cross-platform applications to support them. I have a strong believe in community and sharing, connecting with others, dedicated to learn new things, speaking, writing articles, blog posts and writing tweets. Since January 2018 I became Windows Development MVP for the category Mixed Reality.