The Art of Debugging

De Nieuwe Poort (Claude Debussylaan 2-8, Amsterdam)

On July 10, it’s time for a new edition of the IT Dev Café!

If you’re a starter or a super omega professional in development, everybody needs to debug their or others code at some point in time.
Debugging can take up a lot of your time especially when your aren’t familiar with the tools available to help you out.
By sharing their hard learned tips and tricks, Prashant and Ash will spend their time giving you the insights needed to reduce yours; while developing and debugging apps.

Don’t miss this edition of the IT Dev Café because we guarantee that you can apply these tricks right away!


18:30 Doors open + Burgers & Pizza's
19:00 Prashant Palikhe
20:00 Short break
20:15 Ash Belmokadem
21:15 Drinks

Prashant Palikhe - Art of debugging with Chrome DevTools

His presentation will basically be a brain dump of all the techniques that he has learned over the years on how to effectively use Chrome DevTools to debug web applications. Reduce the time you spend on finding the bugs in the apps that you wrote and that you didn't. The tools can be used, not only for debugging, but also to understand the flow of the unfamiliar code. Helping you be more productive and faster in new projects or teams. Learn these tricks today and apply them at work tomorrow.

Prashant is a front-end developer who likes to look under the hood of the tools that he works with every day. On an attempt to understand why the code that he wrote behaved the way it did in the browsers, he came across a number of tools that the browsers provided which helped him gain clarity on those matters. He believes in 'learning by sharing' which is why he enjoys giving talks on this subject to help others catch up with the latest and greatest of these browser tools.

Ash Belmokadem - “Looking beyond console.log()”

In “Looking beyond console.log()”, Ash will teach you some of the basics of debugging Node.js applications. He will discuss the most important tips and tricks of debugging, how to integrate this into your current workflow and show you what can be achieved by profiling applications. The presentation is worth attending, whether you are new to Node.js or an age-old professional.

Ash is an enthusiastic computer programmer, specialized in all the things Javascript. With many years of frontend development under his belt, he has now shifted his interest and development work to the backend and cloud infrastructure. As a freelance developer, he is always busy learning something new to keep the dust from settling in.

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