The Test Automation Tipping Point


Test Automation is very popular as a term right now in our industry. Often enough a tester cannot even find a tester position that is not focused on setting up or supporting some form of test automation. However, despite the prevalence of the term and the universal requirements, a shared understanding of what IS test automation and how we DO test automation remains missing.

Like any good idea, there are multiple forms of test automation, each with their own specific use and value. In this talk I’ll take you through a few of them, explaining the ideapractice and value behind each. We will also look at some universal tips for automation to help guide whichever path you choose. And finally, we’ll discuss when NOT to do test automation, and instead focus on building up the all-important foundations of testing instead.

Join us as we explore the edges of our industry to find the Tipping Point of Test Automation!

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