Front-end Core Developer - FinTech - Core Team

Are you a Frontend Developer that really wants to make an impact on the way the customers perceive the services? You make it possible to give our customers a 9+ experience. Which today highly depends on the online presence. The day-to-day business at this FinTech is reinventing the way customers interact with their bank. Around 2.5 million customers in the Netherlands use mobile banking services and many more people visit the website. A large number of them rely on the Banking App on a daily basis. The app is a stepping stone towards creating a personalized environment that revolves around the customer on a multitude of devices. In addition to that, their website is the main source of information on all the products, services and research. In The Netherlands as well as for their international customers around the globe.

Your technical expertise will be seen as invaluable. We're looking for Front-end Developers who don't hold back and will push for solutions, dare to challenge, are passionate about technology and have considerable experience in web development.

Core Team

Core Frontend -  This team works on the more "frontend" part of the platform. This work concerns developing/maintaining: generic libraries and services written TS and wrapped for framework compatibility (Angular mainly), dependency management and state management. These modules can comprise abstractions to access native capabilities of browsers/phones, custom http client, angular components/services, etc. Therefore, Team Core looks for a Senior Developer that is more oriented on the web development side of JS engineering and with solid knowledge of Typescript. Angular knowledge is a plus.

Front-end Engineer requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in building web applications;
  • Experience with working on the platform (creating generic layers);
  • Good underdstanding and experience within Typescript and Javascript;
  • Experience within Hybrid solutions (building the bridge between web and native);
  • Good understanding of Design Patterns;
  • Plus; if you have worked in a monorepo environment;
  • Good communicator, teamplayer, solution driven, dynamic.

Rewards Front-end Engineer

  • Monthly salary between €3.200 and €6.000;
  • A thirtheenth month and 8% holiday allowance;
  • Employee Benefit Budget (9% of your monthly salary);
    You decide how to spend this budget. This may include purchasing extra leave days, making extra pension contribution or even receiving a monthly cash payout;
  • Travel expenses;
  • Pension scheme.


Interested..!? If you would like to be involved within a prestigious FinTech company, then send a message with you cv and motivation to cpohlman@spilberg.nl