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10 November 2021 18:30-21:00 Rosarium | Amstelpark
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At Hiber we faced the problem of handling large uninterrupted streams of radio-signals that require compute-intensive processing to detect signal in the radio-noise. In this talk I will look at how we are developing a scalable architecture that will allow delivery of near-realtime output through a non-realtime compute-process and that will scale to handle a large number of receivers.
Tim van der Leeuw - Hiber

At Portbase we’ve transitioned a giant complex monolith to a highly functional event-driven microservice architecture in a matter of months. Our total code base is now a fraction of what we had before, and we release new functionality tens of times every day instead of twice a month. I’d like to talk you through the path we’ve taken to get here and the architecture we ended up with.
René de Waele - Portbase


18.30 - Doors open
19.00 - Tim van der Leeuw - Scalable Solutions for Satellite IoT Services
20.00 - René de Waele - Messaging as a service
20.45 - Drinks 🥤


Tim van der Leeuw
Software developer at Hiber

Tim is a software developer working for Hiber, a Dutch Satellite IoT company. Tim has over 25 years of professional experience in software development, of which nearly 20 years developing for the JVM with a focus on back-end software. He has extensive experience with SpringFramework, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JMS, and related technologies and has worked on the implementation of various financial and workflow systems in service-oriented architectures and micro services.

René de Waele
Lead software engineer at Portbase
Co-founder at Flux Capacitor

I specialise in the architecture and development of highly scalable software and infrastructure. Event-driven architectures are my main area of expertise. I’m also heavily involved in the development of (open source) frameworks and services around messaging and software design. In 2020 I co-founded Flux Capacitor. We help other companies build highly scalable and performant applications that are easy to extend and maintain. 

Amstelpark 1
1083 HZ Amsterdam