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08 July 2021 06:00-07:30 OnlineRegister for Event
Base Guru Talks
  • Frontend PubQuiz - Randy Daal

  • Authentication for JS developers - Niek Heezemans

  • Oauth 2.0? SAML? Auth0? Niek will go over the different ways/protocols of authentication and how to integrate them in your web application.

  • End-to-End Testing for a Real-time Chat Web Application - Gleb Bahmutov
    In this presentation, I will show how to write realistic end-to-end Cypress tests for a real-time chat web application implemented using WebSockets. We will see how the test runner can act as a second chat user, and how to truly control two test runners to "talk" to each other during the test. Everyone learning to write tests for the modern web can benefit from this presentation.


Start at 16h

30min Frontend PubQuiz -> Randy Daal

30min Headless CMS talk + 15min Q&A -> Niek Heezemans

30min Gleb talk + 15min Q&A -> Gleb Bahmutov