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about spilberg

Spilberg was founded in 2012, we wanted to do staffing different. That is why we work with a niche-oriented approach. By focusing specifically on development within the IT market, we are a real specialist. We call this approach: knowing more of your niche.

Our expertise in the field of staffing and our knowledge of the IT Dev market make us the ideal sidekick. Also, in recent years we have succeeded in creating an active community by organizing our IT Dev Café meetups, subject-specific knowledge sessions and congresses.

Spilberg has grown over the past eight years to around ninety staffing consultants. We operate from three different countries and five offices, and the growth doesn´t seem to stop any day soon. Monthly, hundreds of IT development specialists find a new challenge through one of our services.

Spilberg is one of the niche brands of Altus Staffing. Altus Staffing is an international group specialized in IT staffing.

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Spilberg is the largest staffing organization for IT Dev careers in the Netherlands. As an IT Dev sidekick, we offer four different services to help you further in your career.


Spilberg is the specialist in staffing for IT Dev professionals. We have carefully built the most extensive IT Dev network in the Netherlands since the start of Spilberg. This means that we already know the specialist you need.

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Spilberg has built on a strong network of IT Development professionals, this has grown out to be one of the largest IT Dev community in the Netherlands. We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and we do this by writing blogs and organizing monthly meetups on hot topics within the niche. In addition, Altus Staffing, the parent company of Spilberg, organizes two large conferences a year where we focus on meeting and inspiring others in the field.