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What’s the next step in your career? With our knowledge and vast network within the fields of IT Development and Testing, we can connect you with the best employers. So that you can do what you do best. And we can celebrate our successes together.

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Which type of employment is right for you?

What does your dream career look like? Choose the type of contract that suits you best. Whether it’s a permanent position, or an interim or consulting job. We’ll help you explore all the possibilities.

  • ​Want to work as a consultant?

    Do you prefer working as a consultant? It’s easier than you think. Become part of the Spilberg team. Thanks to our vast network in the fields of Development and Testing, we can always find perfect projects for you to work on. You’ll expand your professional experience while also enjoying the security of a permanent job contract.

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  • ​Looking for a permanent position?

    Tell us about what you expect and wish for in a permanent job, and we’ll get to work searching for the ideal employer for you. We’ll help you prepare for job interviews, give you constructive feedback and advise you on how to negotiate your salary. In short, we’ll be your full-service guide to finding a new employer.

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  • ​Looking for an interim project?

    We’ll help you find the project that suits you best, taking every aspect into account, from the description and length of the project, to the hourly pay. Together, we’ll find an opportunity for you to build upon your strengths as an interim professional and pursue your career ambitions.

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  • ​‘Spilberg enables me to work with big companies. That’s where my passion lies.’
    Luuk de Bruin

    Luuk de Bruin

    Software ontwikkelaar

  • "​Spilberg is one of the few recruiters that has treated me really well."
    Lucas Brinkers

    Lucas Brinkers

    Java developer

  • ​"I was able to sign everything digitally. Getting started was quick and easy. I’m a big fan of the way Spilberg works. "
    Koen van Putten

    Koen van Putten

    Full stack developer

  • ​"‘I wasn’t necessarily looking for a job in a new industry. I wanted to broaden my skill set."
    Rob van Maris

    Rob van Maris

    Full stack developer

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Office - Spilberg

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The first step to your new job

Take advantage of our vast network in the fields of Business Intelligence, Market Intelligence and Data & Analytics. Contact us to learn how we can help move your career forward. 

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