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Freelance Java Developer Sergey wins Vendor Award

Freelance Java Developer Sergey Zolotaryov recently received the Inspirational Vendor Award from his client - a large multinational transport and logistics company. This was the first time it was awarded to a freelance employee! Sergey was chosen from a group of 70 nominees. We asked his manager what makes him so special and thus the rightful winner of this award.

"Sergey is my go-to person for both Front-End and Back End Development of all our apps. He is someone with keen insight, lots of experience and skills, and up-to-date knowledge of the latest tech stack. When developing our apps, his input is extremely valuable.

It is his default mind set to always go the extra mile. As a developer, but actually this applies to everything he does, and I appreciate that enormously in him. Especially given the tough personal circumstances he is currently in. Much of his spare time goes into getting his family to safety in Ukraine and volunteering for refugees.

Sergey is a team player, with patience and perseverance. Truly someone you can build on. Whatever the crisis or challenge, with him there it will work out.’"
Kanchan Banga - IT Manager

The perfect match

Sergey started his career in 2005 as a Java Developer in Ukraine, where he is originally from. After he moved to the Netherlands, he was in a permanent position with employer for about eight years. Then he started as a freelancer and in 2020 Spilberg made the match between Sergey and his current client.

Naturally, we are super proud that Sergey proved to be such a valuable addition to the IT team of this multinational company. A perfect match, even if we say so ourselves. While working for his client, he has also made significant contributions to other development projects since the first one. An end to this successful collaboration is therefore not yet in sight.

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“This award is a pleasant validation that you can also make an important difference within an organisation as a freelance Developer.”
Sergey Zolotaryov

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