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We work with clients in many different industries. Each day, our developers and testers are making a difference for our clients. We guide IT professionals in their search for a new job or project and give them the advice they need to take their next career steps forward. And our close ties with our IT professionals don't end there. We provide our platform and organise events where we can inspire and learn from each other. with written articles, digital or face-to-face meetings or even events. We are very happy to keep these connections going strong. Here, you can read more about the various projects and career opportunities where professionals like you are making a difference with Spilberg.

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Working at the office - Spilberg

At the end of 2019, Rob van Maris was looking for a project where he could apply his experience while also continuing to learn more about reactive programming and Angular. Spilberg connected Rob with a project at Malmberg, a company that specialises in developing educational methods for people of all ages.

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Working at the office - Spilberg

Koen van Putten worked through Spilberg as a full stack developer at Deloitte. ‘We were working on ways of keeping Deloitte employees connected whilst working from home. The project I'm working on is called Deloitte Neighbour. The idea is that you can enter your postcode and find out which of your colleagues live within a radius of ten kilometres from you.’

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Meeting at the office - Spilberg

Luuk de Bruin started working through Spilberg in 2020 as a software developer at Alliander. ‘If I had to describe my job in just a few words, I’d say we are in charge of managing breakdowns. We provide software that gives better support when technical problems occur and optimises things wherever possible.’

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