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A passion for large companies

Luuk de Bruin started working through Spilberg in 2020 as a software developer at Alliander. ‘If I had to describe my job in just a few words, I’d say we are in charge of managing breakdowns. We provide software that gives better support when technical problems occur and optimises things wherever possible.’

The job

Luuk has lots of experience working with larger companies. His most recent project was at a financial institution. He was looking for a change of pace in his work and a new industry where he could gain more experience and knowledge. ‘My passion is working for large companies, so Alliander was a perfect match.’ Through his job at Alliander, Luuk was able to gain experience working with packages that he had not worked with very often in the past. ‘I am a full stack developer and at the moment I am mostly working with SAP. I like working with new technologies. That’s what makes my new job interesting and challenging. The best part is getting the hang of new technologies and then using them in my work.’ Luuk says his new team made him immediately feel right at home. ‘We work with a lot of software developers, and everyone is experienced in their own field, which means you can learn a lot from each other. At the moment, We're working on a major project at Alliander. It has to do with a system that can handle intakes. People call Alliander, for example, if they have a gas leak, and someone on the other end of the line has to make a record of that. We're working on a system that makes this more efficient.’

interim IT opdracht bij Alliander via Spilberg uitdagend en nieuwe technologie
afwisseling in werkzaamheden veel kennis en ervaring op doen met werken via Spilberg


Luuk says that working with Spilberg has been a very positive experience. ‘This was the first time I had worked with Spilberg. One of the consultants at Spilberg helped me to prepare for the job interviews, so I already knew a lot about what to expect.’ Luuk also had regular contact with Spilberg throughout the entire project. ‘The consultant at Spilberg was always on the case if anything needed to be taken care of, either for me or for Alliander. My invoices were always paid on time. All in all, working with Spilberg has been a really good experience.’

How we work

  • We listen to the needs of our clients and our professionals. Every IT activity requires a different approach.

  • Our triple-specialised focus helps us carefully select the right IT professionals for the job.

  • After creating the match, we stay closely in contact with our professionals and our clients throughout the course of their project.

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