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Building careers in IT development and testing


At the end of the day, it’s our IT professionals who make all the difference, as they work for our clients in the field.

Every day, Spilberg puts experienced development and testing professionals to work on new projects and in new positions at leading organisations. Read more here about how we make a difference in the world of development and testing.

What IT professionals say about us

  • Luuk de Bruin

    ​‘Spilberg enables me to work with big companies. That’s where my passion lies.’

    Luuk de Bruin

    Software ontwikkelaar

  • Lucas Brinkers

    "​Spilberg is one of the few recruiters that has treated me really well."

    Lucas Brinkers

    Java developer

  • Koen van Putten

    ​"I was able to sign everything digitally. Getting started was quick and easy. I’m a big fan of the way Spilberg works. "

    Koen van Putten

    Full stack developer

  • Rob van Maris

    ​"‘I wasn’t necessarily looking for a job in a new industry. I wanted to broaden my skill set."

    Rob van Maris

    Full stack developer

Laptop - Spilberg
Meeting at the office - Spilberg

Focus is the key to success

With our strong focus on IT specialisations, we know the IT job market better than anyone. That means you can count on us to act fast when you need help with staffing and consulting. We’ve got our finger to the pulse and know how to find the right solution for any challenge.



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