Lachende vrouw - Spilberg
Jun 24 2021

Learning increasingly complex real-world scenarios with limited annotated data

Time 06:00-07:00

Location Online

​Computer vision is ubiquitous and can be found in nearly all camera products sold nowadays. The algorithms in use often rely on state-of-the-art object detectors. While the state-of-the-art in obj...

Jul 08 2021 Base Guru Talks

Frontmen Guru Talk

Time 06:00-07:30

Location Online

​Frontend PubQuiz - Randy DaalAuthentication for JS developers - Niek HeezemansOauth 2.0? SAML? Auth0? Niek will go over the different ways/protocols of authentication and how to integrate them in ...

Nov 10 2021 Fotis Fotopoulos Lj9 Ky8p Ih3 E Unsplash

Building Scalable applications for large-volume data processing

Time 18:30-21:00

Location Rosarium | Amstelpark

At Hiber we faced the problem of handling large uninterrupted streams of radio-signals that require compute-intensive processing to detect signal in the radio-noise. In this talk I will look at how...

Dec 08 2021 Coding Robot Framework Low Code

O, o, low code? Robot Framework gebruiken is óók programmeren!

Time 17:00-18:30

Location Online

​Testautomatisering is software-ontwikkeling, ook met een low code-tool zoals Robot Framework. Dat betekent dat je veel principes en patronen uit de (object-georienteerde) software-ontwikkeling ...

Feb 16 2022 Java17 Webinar

Update your Java skills to level 17

Time 16:00-17:00

Location Webinar

In September 2021, Oracle released Java version 17. This is an extra important release, because it’s the new Long-Term Support release of Java. Keep your Java skills up to date by attending this pr...