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Prototyping engineer

Job description

Innovation is #1 at this corporate social responsibility company. By thinking outside the box, they developed a product with the mission to revolutionize green energy storage.

As a Prototyping Engineer within this organization, the opportunities are limitless, as growth and development are central. You will be surrounded by the most skilled specialists and work together on a high tech product.

What is required of a Prototyping Engineer?

  • An hbo degree in a relevant field (mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial design engineering), an MBO degree as (research) instrument maker, or similar;
  • Excellent hands-on prototyping and building skills. You are a true “maker” with a wide array of techniques at your disposal;
  • Good design skills (Fusion360, Solidworks, Inventor, Rhinoceros or similar) ·
  • Collaboration skills in design and manufacturing;
  • Experience in manufacturing parts yourself, as well as collaborating with external production partners;
  • Proficient in English and Dutch, both spoken and written;
  • You work independently and dare to take responsibility.

What you will be doing:

  • Designing, building, and assisting in the development of new, innovative membrane stack designs;
  • Collaborating with the engineering team to make prototypes and tests of designs;
  • Collaborating with the R&D team to design and make experimental setups;
  • Strength calculations and/or simulations (e.g., frames to hold the stacks and equipment during operation and transport);
  • 3D CAD design (pilot installation layout(s) and experimental setups among others);
  • Setting up workflows for in-house (rapid) prototyping and developing best practices with the machines involved.

What you can expect:

  • Be part of a fast-growing organization;
  • Highly enthusiastic and motivated colleagues, looking to make a green, clean, real-world impact;
  • Have variety in your daily activities through active knowledge sharing, presentations, and collaboration;
  • Open environment to express your opinion and share new ideas.

If this sounds interesting to you please feel free to call me! -  +31 (0) 6 83 85 57 29